Thanksgiving Box-Office: Movies in Trouble

On Wednesday, Sony’s Korea war drama Devotion, about two naval fighter pilots, grossed $1.8 million from 3,228 sites for a projected 5-day gross in the $10 million range.

The film stars Top Gun: Maverick‘s Glen Powell and Jonathan Majors.

Rian Johnson’s sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery features a cast led by Daniel Craig.

Netflix isn’t expected to report box office grosses in keeping with its long-standing practice to keep numbers hidden from view.

Glass Onion is getting unprecedented release, and is the first of the streamer’s titles to play in all three of the country’s largest chains — AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark Theatres. Rivals distribution executives still have their way of collecting data directly from exhibition contacts, and sources say that Johnson’s sequel likely earned $2 million on Wednesday from 680 theaters.

That means it could open to $12 million over the five-day holiday corridor, far less than the $41.4 million grossed by Johnson’s Knives Out over Thanksgiving 2019.

(The first film received traditional theatrical release from Lionsgate).

Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All — about two young lovers and cannibals played by Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet who embark on a road trip — grossed an estimated $921,000 million Wednesday as it expanded into a total of 2,727 cinemas after launching in select theaters last weekend.

The specialty movie is anticipating a muted five-day gross of $4 million.

Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical The Fablemans, an awards player, is rolling out more slowly in hopes of emulating the success of Oscar-winning film Green Book.

Spielberg’s latest film opened in New York and Los Angeles over the Nov 11-13 weekend before expanding into 637 locations on Wednesday. Nov 24. From Universal and Amblin, the picture earned an estimated $400,000 Wednesday for a projected five-day gross of $3 million.

Studios stress that projections could shift as the holiday unfolds, but prospects are not good.

Some analysts are already postulating that the Thanksgiving box office traffic is taking a hit because people are finally able to travel in earnest now that the worst of the pandemic is over.