Ten (1979): Blake Edwards Farce, Starring Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, and Bo Derek

In 10 (aka as Ten), a semi-successful farce written and directed by Blake Edwards, a composer (Dudley Moore) going through a midlife crisis meets a fantasy girl (Bo Derek at her most seductive)–she’s easily┬áthe perfect 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

But when it comes to real, durable relationships, he realizes that he’s much better off with a intelligent and mature woman like Julie Andrews (Edwards’ real-life wife).

Reel/Real Impact

As a result of this movie, Bo Derek set the fashion for hairstyles in 1980, the first time an actress had done so since Debbie Reynolds’ pigtails in the 1950s.

One of the last Edwards films to be a commercial success, Ten occupied the seventh position of 1979 most popular pictures.

Release date: October 5, 1979

Oscar Context:

The film was nominated for two Oscars:

Best Song, “It’s Easy to Say,” music by Henry Mancini and lyrics by Robert Wells

Best Original Score by Mancini.

The winners in those categories were David Shire and Norman Gimbel for “It Goes Like It Goes,” from Norma Rae, and Georges Delerue, who scored A Little Romance.