Tell It to the Marines (1926): Silent Film, Starring Lon Chaney, William Haines, and Eleanor Boardman

George W. Hill directed Tell It to the Marines, a silent film starring Lon Chaney, William Haines and Eleanor Boardman.

Tell It to the Marines
Tell It to the Marines.jpg

The romantic triangle consists of a Marine recruit, the sergeant who trains him, and the nurse they both love.

It was the biggest box-office success of Chaney’s career and the second biggest moneymaker of 1927.

In 1924, “Skeet” Burns applies to join the US Marine Corps for fun–he wants to get a free train ride to San Diego.  Upon arrival, he escapes from veteran Marine Sergeant O’Hara and boards another train to “Tia Juana,” Mexico for

horse races. However, upon his return, he enlists after all and comes under O’Hara’s charge.  At the base, Skeet spots Norma Dale, an attractive Navy nurse, and tries to court her, but to no avail; he also discovers that O’Hara is smitten with Norma.

After his four-year enlistment ends, Skeet and Norma buy a ranch, and Skeet offers O’Hara partnership. However, the old vet declines, based on his belief that he and the Marine Corps are made for each other.