Tea for Two (1950): Doris Day in Remake of No No Nanette

This semi-successful adaptation of the 1924 Broadway musical No No Nanette was previously shot under its own title in 1929.

Just before she became a box-office star, Doris Day stars as Nanette, a “Jazz Baby” with showbusiness aspirations. Nanette offers to put up $25,000 if producer Billy DeWolfe will star her in a Broadway show.

The girl’s wealthy but stingy uncle S.Z. Sakall agrees to put up the money on one condition, that for the next 24 hours, she must say “No” to every question.

Gordon MacRae co-stars as Nanette’s attorney, who worships her from a distance and finally pulls the courage to win her hand
The songs, taken from several sources, include tunes from Irving Caesar to George Gershwin: “Crazy Rhythm,” “Do Do Do,” “I Want to Be Happy,” “I Only Have Eyes for You,” and the title number.

Day sings well, but the movie suffers from the stale and indifferent direction of David Butler, who obviously does not know or does not care about the movie musical genre.

In 1970, No No Nanette was successfully revived for Broadway with Ruby Keeler and Patsy Kelly in the cast.


Running time: 98 Minutes
Directed By: David Butler


Doris Day as Nanette Carter
Gordon MacRae as Jimmy Smith
Gene Nelson as Tommy Trainor
Patrice Wymore as Beatrice Darcy
Eve Arden as Pauline Hastings
Billy De Wolfe as Larry Blair