Talk About a Stranger (1952): David Bradley’s Film Noir, Starring

David Bradley directed Talk About a Stranger, a family film noir, starring George Murphy, Nancy Davis and Billy Gray, and shot by noted cinematographer John Alton.

Our Grade: C+ (** out of *****)

The tale revolves around Bud Fontaine Jr. (Billy Gray), who takes an instant dislike of Matlock, a strange new neighbor in town (Kurt Kasznar).

After his dog dies by poison, Bud blames the stranger and sets off a campaign to smear his name.

His parents (George Murphy and Nancy Davis) are unable o handle the boy and his crisis. After Bud endangers the crops in the valley by vandalizing the neighbor’s oil tank, he is told the dog was killed by eating poisoned meat meant for coyotes.

As a result, Bud realizes that apearances mights be deceptive and that most people are not what they seem to be.

Despite its low-budget, the film, a B-level production, was a commercial flop for MGM.


George Murphy as Robert Fontaine Sr.
Nancy Davis as Marge Fontaine
Billy Gray as Robert ‘Bud’ Fontaine Jr.
Lewis Stone as William J. Wardlaw
Kurt Kasznar as Dr. Paul Mahler, alias Matlock
Anna Glomb as Camille Wardlaw