Syndromes and a Century

The new work by the director who made BLISSFULLY YOURS and TROPICAL MALADY is SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY, a film in two parts which sometimes echo each other. The two central characters are inspired by the filmmaker`s parents, in the years before they became lovers.

The first part focuses on a woman doctor, and is set in a space reminiscent of the world in which the filmmaker was born and raised. The second part focuses on a male doctor, and is set in a more contemporary space much like the world in which the filmmaker presently lives. Pearls of wisdom, descriptions of syndromes and fragments of time crystallize in luminous atmospheres and dot the modern architecture of the film, creating a charming, quiet incantation.

SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY was one of seven films commissioned for the Weiner Mozart New Crowned Hope Festival, Vienna 2006.