Superior: Erin Vassilopoulos’ Directorial Debut, Thriller about Twin Sisters (Sundance 2021)

Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival
Erin Vassilopoulos’ directorial debut is dramatic thriller about twin sisters
Erin Vassilopoulos’ moody directorial debut, Superior, takes place in a Reagan-era Barbie Dreamhouse come to life.
Vivian (Ani Mesa) and Michael (Jake Hoffman), a young couple, are dismayed when her estranged twin sister, Marian (Alessandra Mesa, Ani’s own twin), a touring rock musician, drops by unannounced and asks to stay for a few days.
On the run from a young man (Pico Alexander) Marian dreams that he breaks into her sister’s home at night, calming the couple’s three huskies so he can finish what he started.

Based on Vassilopoulos’ 2015 short, the Halloween-set thriller relies on atmosphere to carry it through.