Storm at Daybreak (1933): Boleslawski’s Pre-Code Melodrama, Starring Kay Francis, Nils Asther, and Walter Huston

Richard Boleslawski directed Storm at Daybreak, a pre-Code melodrama, written by Bertram Millhauser, and starring Kay Francis, Nils Asther, Walter Huston.

Grade C: (* 1/2 out of *****)

Storm at Daybreak
"Storm at Daybreak" (1933).jpg

Kay Francis plays the wife of a Serbian mayor, who engages in a clandestine affair with her husband’s best friend, a Hungarian officer (Nils Asther).

Francis, always the reliable actress, acquits herself honorably as the adulteress wife, but Nils Asther is a bit stiff as the lover, and Huston is stuck with a routine role, resulting in a rather pedestrian picture.


Kay Francis as Irina Radovic
Nils Asther as Capt. Geza Petery
Walter Huston as Mayor Dushan Radovic
Phillips Holmes as Csaholyi
Eugene Pallette as Janos
C. Henry Gordon as Panto Nikitch
Louise Closser Hale as Militza Brooska
Jean Parker as Danitza


Directed by Richard Boleslawski
Produced by Lucien Hubbard
Screenplay by Bertram Millhauser, based on Feketeszárú Cseresznye by Sándor Hunyady
Music by William Axt
Cinematography George J. Folsey
Edited by Margaret Booth

Production and distribution company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Release date: July 14, 1933

Running time: 78 minutes


TCM showed the movie on October 7, 2020.