Southland Tales: Kelly’s Failed Feature–Actors Defend Director Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly has reedited “Southland Tales” since it’s appalling reception at the Cannes film festival last year, where it was booed. According to star Sarah Michelle Gellar, of TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame, no major work was redone done, because the team behind the movie feel critics in France were the “wrong audience” for a tale set in L.A.

“I really do think the movie sort of got an unfair rap from Cannes,” Gellar told Sci-fi Wire. “Looking back, we all sort of realized, the movie takes place in Los Angeles. It is a story about here, about us, and we truly believe it should have been shown for the first time here. I think it was really the wrong audience. If you’re at Cannes, they’re looking for a different kind of movie. And that’s not what this movie is.”

“Southland Tales” is Kelly’s follow-up to 2002’s critically acclaimed Donnie Darko, widely seen as one of the most original debuts of recent years. Gellar said changes which had been made included trimming the film, the addition of several scenes to clarify the complicated narrative, new visual-effects shots and a new ending. So hardly any different at all then.
“I think those were edits that were always going to happen,” Gellar said.

What Gellar didn’t say is that the worst reviews that “Southland Tales” had received were not from French, but from American critics.