Sorrel and Son (1927): Herbert Brennon’s Silent Oscar Nominee

A silent film released on December 2, 1927, Sorrel and Son was nominated for the Best Director Oscar in the first year of the awards, which honored achievements in 1927-1928.


Based on the 1925 best-selling novel of the same name by Warwick Deeping, Sorrell and Son was adapted by Elizabeth Meehan and scripted and directed by Herbert Brenon.

Sorrell and Son

Release date: December 2, 1927

Director: Herbert Brenon
Story and Script by Herbert Brenon

Running time: 100 minutes

The tale revolves around a man who, after his wife leaves him, dedicates his life t0 his ungrateful son.

“Sorrel and Son” has been remade twice, once as a 1933 film with H.B. Warner, who repeated his role as Stephen Sorrell, and as a British TV serial in 1984.

The 1927 version was considered lost for many years, but in 2005, a partially restored print was found and shown.

The Directing Oscar went that year to Frank Borzage for “Seventh Heaven.”



H.B. Warner as Stephen Sorrell

Anna Q. Nilsson as Dora Sorrell

Mickey McBan as Kit (as a child)

Carmel Myers as Flo Palfrey

Lionel Belmore as John Palfrey

Norman Trevor as Thomas Roland

Betsy Ann Hisle as Molly (as a child)

Louis Wolheim as Buck

Paul McAllister as Dr. Orange

Alice Joyce as Fanny Garland

Nils Asther as Christopher ‘Kit’ Sorrell

Mary Nolan as Molly Roland