Snakes on a Plane: Tale of Two Posters

Who is Right The French or the American Judge for yourself.

An unfinished draft of the French poster found its own way on line, reportedly leaked from a Taiwanese site. Needless to say, it was immediately picked up, analyzed, and deconstrcuted by the fans of the movie around the world, though the eagerly awaited flick is not opening in France until late August, two weeks after the U.S. release.

When the U.S. poster for Snakes on a Plane” was released, the fans wondered, “Where are the freaking snakes on the poster” Now the French poster has been released and people are all like, That poster totally kicks ass The phenom is now known in the internationl Internet World as “The Bad-Ass French poster.” For hardcore afficionados, “Samuel Jackson doesnt just look like a badass; he looks as though hes ready to kill every snake on that plane with his bare hands.”

The reaction to the French poster has been overwhelmingly positive. For some reason, foreign posters often outdo (if this is the right term) the design of American posters. The “French connection” is seen by some as counterreaction to New Line’s decision not to use snakes in its American poster. Reportedly, the presence of snakes makes the movie too campy, and the studio would rather promote it as a hardcore horror film.

Rumors have it that New Line want the viewers to disover the snakes for themselves. But, French being French, were not pleased with this strategy. “A movie about snakes without snakes in the poster is reiduclous,” a French distributor was quoted saying.

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