Slight Case of Murder, A (1938): Crime Comedy-Spoof, Starring Edward G. Robinson

Lloyd Bacon, Warner’s reliable director, helmed the crime comedy, A Slight Case of Murder, as star vehicle for Edward G. Robinson, based on a play by Damon Runyon and Howard Lindsay.

At the end of the Prohibition, bootlegger Remy Marco (“Marko”) becomes a legitimate brewer; but he goes broke, due to the beer’s terrible tastes (“rotten”).

After four years, bank officers preparing to foreclose on the brewery, he retreats to his Saratoga summer home, only to find four dead mobsters who meant to ambush him, but were killed by their confederate whom they meant to betray.

Other problems pile up in the life of the former bootlegger, after takes in a bratty orphan, and his daughter is engaged to a state cop.