Sinner Take All (1936): Taggart’s B-Level Murder Mystery, Starring Bruce Cabot and Margaret Lindsay (Journalism)

Errol Taggart directed Sinner Take All, a B-level murder mystery, starring Bruce Cabot and Margaret Lindsay.

Sinner Take All
Sinner Take All.jpg

When millionaire New York City businessman Aaron Lampier (Charley Grapewin) receives death threat by mail, he sends for his offspring.

Ernie Hyams (Bruce Cabot), a newspaper reporter turned lawyer, is dispatched by MacKelvey (Stanley Ridges), his former editor, to track down Lampier’s daughter Lorraine (Margaret Lindsay). She does not appreciate being dragged away from the nightclub of Frank Penny (Joseph Calleia). She and drunk brother Stephen (George Lynn) have also received similar mail.

When their brother David is killed in car crash, Ernie discovers it was not an accident and is pressured into investigating.


Directed by Errol Taggart
Produced by Lucien Hubbard, Samuel Marx
Screenplay by Leonard Lee, Walter Wise, based on Murder for a Wanton, 1934 novel by Whitman Chambers
Music by Edward Ward
Cinematography Leonard Smith
Edited by William S. Gray
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Release date: December 18, 1936

Running time: 74 minutes


TCM showed this movie on June 3, 2021.