Sing a Song of Wiggles

After the success of the “Pop Go the Wiggles!” DVD, Warner Home Video will release a second nursery rhyme collection, “Sing a Song of Wiggles” on DVD on October 7, 2008. The DVD features an equally rich array of nursery rhymes and traditional songs and is perfectly timed to kick off The Wiggles fall concert tour.

Currently airing on the Disney Channel, The Wiggles dance and sing their way into the hearts of children everywhere. It is the #1 program in its time slot with children aged 2-5, and the group has sold over 13 million DVDs and videos in the US to date. Educating children through entertainment, The Wiggles new DVD Sing a Song of Wiggles features a collection of nursery rhymes that are sure to delight children. Young viewers will experience language with Black Velvet Band, rhythm with Jack Be Nimble and even mathematical understanding with One, Two, Three, Four, Five!

Each rhyme or song is enacted by The Wiggles, their friends and accompanying dancers and musicians, as they take the roles of characters in the song and present them in a fun and colorful setting. Most of the songs and rhymes from the DVD are already well known classics, but those children that may be initially unfamiliar with them will surely become huge fans.

DVD special features include:

Wiggly Bloopers, Dorothy the Dinosaurs Sydney Adventure, Rub-a-Dub Dub with the Soap in a Tub,
Photo Gallery.