Silver Horde, The (1930): Archainbaud’s Pre-Code Romance, Starring Joel McCrea, Evelyn Brent, Jean Arthur Starring

The Silver Horde is a pre-Code romantic drama, starring Joel McCrea as a fisherman torn between two women, played by Evelyn Brent and Jean Arthur.

Directed by George Archainbaud from a screenplay by Wallace Smith, it is the second film adaptation of the Rex Beach’s 1909 novel, which is a follow up to his earlier novel, The Spoilers.

The title is a reference to the salmon fishing industry in Alaska, and the color of the fish bulging in the fishermen’s nets.

The film was not popular at the box-office.

Evelyn Brent as Cherry Malotte
Louis Wolheim as George Balt
Jean Arthur as Mildred Wayland
Raymond Hatton as Fraser
Blanche Sweet as Queenie (Sweet’s final screen performance)
Gavin Gordon as Fred Marsh
Purnell Pratt as Wayne Wayland
William Davidson as Tom Hilliard
Ivan Linow as Svenson
Joel McCrea as Boyd Emerson

TCM showed this film on November 6, 2020