Sivas–Kaan Müjdeci: Turkish Tale of Boy and Dog

The family in Sivas’s Anatolian moorlands tale, consists of a father, barely able to look after his family, a mother like a ghost and a hopeless brother.

Anxious to break the chain of fate, Aslan (11) pushes to be the prince in the school play. His chances, however, are slim: he is trying to compete with Osman, the 11 year old son of the village chief. He is given a part in the end, but as a dwarf. Osman is the prince, and Aslan’s dream girl, Ayşe, Snow White.

When Aslan finds Sivas, a fighter Kangal dog one day, the power balance begins to shift. At first, Aslan doesn’t want Sivas to fight, but the power is there. He wins fights, gets tougher every day and starts to be like the others, until his brother sells Sivas.

Cast :

Doğan İzci, Ezgi Ergin, Hasan Özdemir, Furkan Uyar, Ozan Çelik, Okan Avcı

Running time: 104 minutes