Seventh Fire, The: Native American Docu, Produced by Natalie Portman, Presented by Terrence Malick

Natalie Portman added Terrence Malick as presenter to the world premiere of Jack Pettibone Riccobono’s docu, The Seventh Fire, about a Native American gang leader.

The actress serves as executive producer on The Seventh Fire, explained: “I had the great honor of working with Terry a few years ago, and when I saw the film, I told Jack I’d love to share this with him,” she said. “Malick’s generosity with fostering young talents is unparalleled, and he said he loved the film and would do whatever he could to help it.”

Portman, who stars in Malick’s Knight of Cups, unspooling on Sunday, added that The Seventh Fire showed the effects that colonization had on indigenous Native American communities in the U.S.

“They’re very close to their traditions, and clearly when that’s lost people try to find something to replace it,” she said. “Obviously, the process…and the imposition of other values onto indigenous communities has separated people from that culture and that has an extraordinarily destructive effect.”