Santoalla: Becker and Mehrer’s Docu

Oscilloscope Laboratories has acquired North American rights to Andrew Becker and Daniel Mehrer’s docu, SANTOALLA, their debut film, which they directed, shot, and produced (additionally, Becker edited and scored).
The film had its premiere at the 2016 Edinburgh Film Fest. Oscilloscope will release the film theatrically in July 2017.

The progressive Dutch couple, Martin Verfondern and Margo Pool, had only one dream – to live off the land, far from the constraints and complications of the city.

But when they arrive in the crumbling Spanish village of Santoalla, the foreigners challenge the traditions of the town’s sole remaining family, igniting a conflict that culminates in Martin’s mysterious disappearance.

As this once forgotten landscape is thrust into the center of controversy, Margo finds herself searching for answers–and for the strength to persevere.

Filmmakers Andrew Becker and Daniel Mehrer said, “After immersing ourselves in the small, enigmatic world of SANTOALLA for the past four years, we feel that we’ve emerged with a film that is at once, strangely moving, uniquely tragic, and above all, utterly human. We’re thrilled that SANTOALLA has found a home with Oscilloscope, and look forward to sharing the story with audiences throughout North America.”

O-Scope’s Dan Berger said, “The term ‘stranger than fiction’ gets thrown around pretty liberally, but the story of Santoalla is definitely one to live up to that claim. Andrew and Daniel have done an incredible job of unspooling information in a methodical and compelling way, creating a true-crime documentary that is fascinating, frightening, and, in the end, quite strange.”

The film was produced by Cristina de la Torre, Andrew Becker, and Daniel Mehrer.