Saint Maude (2020): Rose Glass’ Psychological Horror

Rose Glass makes an impressive directorial debut in Saint Maud, a British psychological horror that’s femme-driven in both the lead and supporting roles.

Saint Maud
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The story concerns hospice nurse Maud (Morfydd Clark), a recent convert to Roman Catholicism, who becomes obsessed with a former dancer in her care (Jennifer Ehle), believing she must save her soul.

Saint Maud world premiered at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival to great acclaim and was released in the UK a year later.

Katie, referring to herself as Maud, a devout Roman Catholic, is working as a private palliative care nurse in an English seaside town. She is assigned to care for Amanda, an American dancer and choreographer, terminally ill with stage-four lymphoma and confined to a wheelchair.

Amanda, embittered by her fate, confesses that she fears the oblivion of death. As a result, Maud comes to believe that God has tasked her with saving the atheist Amanda’s soul.

The director blends brilliantly elements of body horror and psychological thriller, resulting in consistently unsettling and intriguing film.

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