Sailor Takes a Wife, The (1945): Richard Whorf’s Serio-Comedy, Starring Robert Walker and June Allyson

Richard Whorf directed The Sailor Takes a Wife, a romantic serio-comedy, starring Robert Walker and June Allyson.

During World War II, a sailor in New York City who is about to be shipped out to Europe marries a woman he has just met. Then he unexpectedly receives a medical discharge.

The film earned $2,269,000 in the US and $290,000 elsewhere, making a profit of $683,000.

Robert Walker as John Hill
June Allyson as Mary Hill
Hume Cronyn as Freddie Potts
Audrey Totter as Lisa Borescu
Eddie “Rochester” Anderson as Harry
Reginald Owen as Mr. Amboy
Gerald Oliver Smith as Gerald


TCM showed the movie on October 7, 2021.