Rounders, The (1965): Burt Kennedy’s Comedy Western, Starring Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda

Burt Kennedy directed The Rounders, a comedy western based on Max Evans 1960 novel, offering decent roles for vet actors Henry Fonda and Glenn Ford.

Ben Jones (Glenn Ford) and Marion ‘Howdy’ Lewis (Henry Fonda) are two easygoing, modern-day cowboys who make a meager living breaking wild horses.

Chill Wills is their employer, Jim Ed Love, a shrewd businessman.  After bringing him some tamed horses and spend the winter rounding up stray cows, he talks them into taking a nondescript roan horse instead of their wages.

When Ben realizes the challenges, rather than turning it into dog food, he decides to take it to a rodeo and betting other cowhands.

Along the way, the duo help two strippers, Mary (Sue Ane Langdon) and Sister (Hope Holiday), whose car broke down. They give them a ride to the nearest garage, but after going skinny dipping, they take them along to the rodeo.

At first, nobody is able to stay on the horse, but then the animal suddenly collapses and Ben spends all the money they’ve won for cure and a new stable to replace the one destroyed by the roan when he recovers.

In the end, Ben and Howdy end up right back where they started, with only the roan to show for their efforts.