Road a Year Long, The (1958): Italian De Santis Directed Yogoslavia’s First Nominee for Best Foreign Language Oscar

1958: Best Foreign Language Film Oscar: Year 3

Italian Giuseppe De Santis directed The Road a Year Long (Italian: La strada lunga un anno, Serbo-Croatian: Cesta duga godinu dana), which was Yugoslavia’s first ever submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

The Road a Year Long
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Italian release poster

It won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

For his performance Massimo Girotti was awarded best actor at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Emil Kozma (Bert Sotlar), a peasant from an isolated mountain village, starts building a road to a nearby town. Over time, other villagers join him, believing the construction is state-sponsored.

Ultimately, they discover Kozma had started the works on his own initiative and without a permit, but it is already too late to stop the project.

Silvana Pampanini as Giuseppina Pancrazi
Eleonora Rossi Drago as Susanna
Massimo Girotti as Chiacchiera (Naklapalo)
Bert Sotlar as Guglielmo Cosma (Emil Kozma)
Ivica Pajer as Lorenco
Milivoje Živanović as Davide
Gordana Miletić as Angela
Nikša Stefanini as David
Hermina Pipinić as Agneza
Lia Rho-Barbieri as Roza
Antun Vrdoljak as Bernard


Directed, written by Giuseppe De Santis

Music by Vladimir Kraus-Rajterić

Cinematography: Marco Scarpelli

Edited by Boris Tešija

Release date: July 12, 1958
Running time: 162 minutes