Riot in Juvenile Prison (1959): Cahn’s Juvenile Delinquency Movie, Starring Jerome Thor and Scott Marlowe

Edward L. Cahn directed Riot in Juvenile Prison, a low-budget juvenile delinquency, starring Jerome Thor and Scott Marlowe.

A radical plan that will offer inmates more freedom based on trust, is enacted when Dr. Paul Furman is assigned by the governor to take charge of a youth reformatory, replacing Colonel Walton.

Furman eases the institution’s usual strict discipline, changing it from all-boy detention to co-ed facility.

Juvenile delinquent Eddie Bassett observes as new female inmates like Kitty and Babe arrive along with adult supervisors Grace Hartwell and Bess Monahan, to look after the girls.

When the bashful Kitty expresses an interest in Eddie, the extroverted Babe causes trouble. Kitty is injured in a fight and later attacked by another boy. Furman is also physically assaulted by Eddie.

Misdeeds lead to the governor’s firing Furman and restoring Walton and the previous discipline. Eddie, beaten by a guard named Quillan, steals the guard’s gun, knocks him out and leads a revolt.

The only one able to quell the uprising is Furman, who, with Kitty’s help, appeals to Eddie to give up before it’s too late.

Jerome Thor as Dr. Furman
Scott Marlowe as Eddie Bassett
Marcia Henderson as Grace Hartwell
Dorothy Provine as Babe
John Hoyt as Col. Walton
Ann Doran as Bess Monahan
Virginia Aldridge as Kitty
Dick Tyler as Stu
Richard Reeves as Quillan


TCM showed this movie on June 10, 2021.