Rio Sex Comedy (2010): Jonathan (Sunday) Nossiter’s Comedy, Starring Charlotte Rampling

In writer-director Jonathan Nossiter’s mildly amusing Rio Sex Comedy, the famous city Rio de Janeiro, becomes the destination of choice for the misadventures of several expatriates, seeking both personal pleasure and social justice.

Rio Sex Comedy

The eccentric group includes a plastic surgeon, an unconventional new U.S. ambassador to Brazil and a filmmaking French couple.

Charlotte Rampling as Charlotte
Bill Pullman as William
Irène Jacob as Irène
Fisher Stevens as Fish
Daniela Dams as Iracema
Jérôme Kircher as Robert
Jean-Marc Roulot as Antoine
Bob Nadkarni as Bob


Directed and written by Jonathan Nossiter
Produced by Matias Mariani, Flávio R. Tambellini
Cinematography Lubomir Bakchev
Edited by Sophie Brunet, Jonathan Nossiter
Release date: September 16, 2010 (Toronto Film Fest)
Running time 124 minutes