RFK Must Die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy

Shane OSullivans documentary, RFK Must Die, an exhaustive investigation into the death of one of Americas most beloved politicians, will be released on DVD November 20, 2007.

Always provocative and often disturbing docu about the 1968 death of Robert Kennedy, RFK is based on OSullivans reports for BBC Newsnight and The Guardian. The film uncovers evidence linking the CIA to the assassination, and suggesting that Sirhan Sirhan was not the
lone gunman that hes usually thought to be.

The DVD will be followed by a book to be published on the 40th anniversary of the assassination, in June, 2008.

On June 5, 1968, Robert Kennedy won the California Democratic Primary, and was poised to challenge Richard Nixon for the White House. After finishing his victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, he left the building through a crowded pantry. Suddenly a 24-year-old Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan stepped forward and began firing.

The case initially seemed to be clear shut, but later autopsy reports suggested that the fatal shot was fired from behind Kennedy, whereas Sirhan was standing in front of him. More bullet holes were found than Sirhans gun could have fired. And while Sirhans notebooks were filled with automatic writing threatening the candidateRFK must die RFK must be killedthe gunman later recanted his confession.

Even under hypnosis, he was never able to remember details of the shooting, leading some psychiatrists to suggest that he was hypnotically programmed to kill Kennedy.

British writer-director Shane OSullivan, who received acclaim for his feature Second Generation and his short Lemon Crush, began
writing a script about the assassination several years ago. He spent three years investigating the unanswered questions that surrounded Kennedys death:

*Why, at the last moment, was RFK rerouted from his original exit path and into the hotel kitchen

*Who was the mysterious woman in the polka dot dress seen fleeing the hotel screaming, We shot him! We shot him!

*Why were additional bullets recovered but never entered into evidence

*Why were known CIA operatives in attendance at the hotel that night, when they had no domestic jurisdiction

OSullivans investigation led him into the world of CIA operations. Spotting CIA operatives in the crowd while watching news footage of the night, OSullivan tracked down former military officers and government RFK officials who cast doubt on the official explanations. Using rare archival footage as well as exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses, investigators and survivors from that night at the Ambassador Hotel, RFK MUST DIE sheds new light on the murder of one of Americas most beloved politicians.

RKK MUST DIE is directed and produced by Shane OSullivan. The director of photography is George Dougherty, and music is by Pryatek.

The DVD contains special features, including original Robert Kennedy campaign ads, and interviews with Sirhan Sirhan.

Running Time: 139 Minutes
Rating: Not rated