Reversion (2008): Mia Trachinger’s Feature (New Frontier, Sundance Film Fest)

Named one of “Five New Talents to Watch” by the Hollywood Reporter, Mia Trachinger has directed Reversion, premiering at the Sundance Film Fest in the New Frontier section.

Set in a society in which the past, present and future unfold simultaneously, Reversion centers on Eva, a woman desperately trying to avoid a catastrophic destiny. Struggling to preserve a tenuous relationship with her lover, Eva must navigate a savage, fractured society in which there is no regard for right and wrong and no fear of death.

Part gritty road movie, part science fiction, part love story, Reversion traverses the sprawling landscape of Los Angeles in search of fate, free will and the nature of morality.

Trachinger found inspiration for the film’s subject matter in the shortcomings of the Bush Administration, using the film to channel her own dissatisfaction. “I, like many people, have been frustrated with them for along time,” she says. But finally I got to the tipping point and I thought to myself, ‘What if everybody acted like these people With no regard for the past, no consideration for the future’ They seem to have no sense of cause and effect and I wondered how our society would function if we all behaved in that way. I knew there was a world there to explore.”

“Reversion” was written, directed and produced by Mia Trachinger and Rebecca Sonnenshine. The film stars Leslie Silva and Jason Olive. Patti Lee is the director of photography and Jonathan Snipes composed the films score.

Trachingers feature debut “Bunny” screened in film festivals around the world including Toronto, San Sebastian and Los Angeles and was released nationally. “Bunny” earned two Independent Spirit Award nominations (John Cassavetes Award and Someone To Watch Award) and won the Maverick Spirit Award at the Cinequest Film Festival.