Reformer and the Redhead, The (1950): Romantic Comedy, Starring June Allyson and Dick Powell

Written, produced and directed by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, The Reformer and the Redhead is a romantic comedy starring June Allyson and Dick Powell.

Allyson plays Kathleen Maguire, the daughter of a long-time zookeeper, Dr. Kevin G. Maguire (vet character actor Cecil Kellaway) who’s fired from his job for political reasons.   For help, Kathleen turns to crusading attorney Andrew Rockton Hale (Dick Powell).
A loose lion complicates matters beyond issues of political corruption.
The film was moderately successful at the box-office, earing a profit of $214,000.
Release date: May 5, 1950
Running time: 90 Minutes.