Red Dawn: Remake of Controversial 1984 Film

July 11, 2008–Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) has assembled its production team for a new installment of the 1984 movie RED DAWN, it was announced today by Mary Parent, Chairman, Worldwide Motion Pictures Group, MGM.

Carl Ellsworth will write a script for the new RED DAWN installment. Ellsworth is moving forward with a draft based on a story by Jeremy Passmore. MGM has signed Dan Bradley to direct the feature film. Bradley, who was 2nd Unit Director and Stunt Coordinator on The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum, is the 2nd Unit Director of MGM and Columbia Pictures Quantum of Solace, which hits theatres in the U.S. November 7, 2008.

Contrafilms Tripp Vinson and Beau Flynn, who are currently producing MGMs Bobism, are attached to produce RED DAWN. Producer Vince Newman, whose credits include A Man Apart for New Line Cinema, is also attached to produce. Cale Boyter, Executive Vice President, Production and Becky Sloviter, Vice President, Production will oversee the project for MGM.

RED DAWNs story covers a big canvas but ultimately its a very personal story about the lengths youll go through to protect your hometown, said Vinson. Commented Boyter: Im a huge fan of the original RED DAWN. I actually had the movie poster on my wall growing up, and it remains a great concept to this day as it represents an opportunity to make an emotionally charged action movie.

Ellsworth, who wrote “Disturbia” for Paramount and “Red Eye” for Dreamworks SKG, is currently writing “Y: The Last Man for New Line.” Ellsworth began his career as a writer on the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Warner Bros. Before he began writing screenplays, Ellsworth worked below the line, working in the production departments of various television series such as NBCs Pride & Joy for NBC Entertainment, ABC Televisions Boy Meets World and Warner’s “Unhappily Ever After.

Passmore is currently writing The Prince, for Circle of Confusion, and Summers End, for Rogue Pictures. He co-wrote and co-directed Special, starring Michael Rapaport.

Bradley is one of Hollywoods most sought after 2nd Unit Director and Stunt Coordinator, working on such high profile projects as: Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, Panic Room, Crank, Swordfish, Being John Malkovich, Seabiscuit, and Three Kings.

Carl Ellsworth is represented by ICM and Larry Shuman of the Schuman Company. Jeremy Passmore is represented by Paradigm, attorney Robert Szymanski of Eclipse Law Corporation and Adam Goldworm of Industry Entertainment. Dan Bradley is represented by ICM.

RED DAWN was released by MGM in 1984 and gained a cult following due to its dramatic depiction of teenagers forced to defend their home.