Rear Window: Female Dominated Cast


James Stewart as L.B. “Jeff” Jefferie
Grace Kelly as Lisa Carol Fremon
Wendell Corey as NYPD Det. Lt. Thomas “Tom” J. Doyl
Thelma Ritter as Stella
Raymond Burr as Lars Thorwald
Judith Evelyn as Miss Lonelyheart
Ross Bagdasarian as the songwriter
Georgine Darcy as Miss Tors
Frank Cady and Sara Berner as the husband and wife, living above the Thorwalds, with their dog
Jesslyn Fax as sculptor neighbor with a hearing aid
Rand Harper and Havis Davenport as the newlywed couple
Irene Winston as Mrs. Anna Thorwald


Gig Young as voice of Jeff’s editor on the telephone

Harry Landers as the guest of Miss Lonelyhearts

Ralph Smiles as Carl, the waiter

Fred Graham as detective


Hitchcock Cameo

Director Hitchcock makes his cameo appearance in the songwriter’s apartment, where he is winding a clock.