Rambo: The Last Chapter–Starring Stallone

Three vastly different movies open this weekend: Downton Abbey, about an aristocratic British family and their servants; Rambo: The Last Chapter, Sylvetser Stallone’s return to the sage of the iconic action hero, and Ad Astra, an almost one-man sci-fi show, starring Brad Pitt as an astronaut with father-issues.

Thematically, the trio of films couldn’t be more different, except that each one of them relies heavily on older adults (over 40). Rambo should skew heavily male, while Downtown Abbey should be a big draw among females.

Lionsgate and Millennium’s Rambo: Last Blood is presumably the final title in the 37-year-old franchise.

Along with the 1976 Oscar-winner Rocky (and the franchise that followed), Rambo turned Stallone, who is now 73, into a global action brand.

Adrian Grunberg directed from a script by Matthew Cirulnick and Stallone.

The story centers on Stallone’s Rambo crossing into Mexico and taking on a violent cartel when the daughter of one of his friends is kidnapped.

The film also stars Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Yvette Monreal.

Rambo Franchise:

The last film in the franchise, Rambo, debuted to $18.2 million domestically in 2008, not adjusted for inflation.

The four Rambo films have grossed a combined $728 million in worldwide box office, led by Rambo: First Blood Part II with $300 million.

The first film was based on David Morrell’s 1972 novel “First Blood,” about a Vietnam War veteran and former U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier expert in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat and guerrilla warfare.

Reviews for Rambo: Last Blood have been bad, generating a below average 34% score on Rotten Tomatoes.