Rambo: Last Blood: Stallone’s New Movie, Last Chapter of the Popular Rambo Series

Rambo: Last Blood, the new movie of Sylvetser Stallone, who’s 73, opens in theaters around the world  37 years after the debut of Rambo: First Blood, the actioner that began a popular film franchise.

Why bring the Vietnam veteran back?

“The warrior can never find peace,” Stallone told Variety in an interview. “He just can’t.”

But there are vulnerabilities, both emotional and physical, that increase with age: “He’s always getting hurt, but now that he’s getting older, he’s getting hurt even more.”

Besides the new Rambo film, Stallone is at work on another Rocky chapter.

Another film project is based in Asia. “I may be doing a movie in China soon. Top secret. A big one,” Stallone said. The movie would be set in Hong Kong and his character would be “definitely an out-of-sync, two-generations-behind, definitely-wouldn’t-use-Alexa kind of guy.”

“Right now, a lot of guys go over to China to do action movies, but I think you could do more than that – do more suspense, more of a story,” he said. “I’ve found the combination. It’s more like a ‘Blade Runner,’ because when you’re dealing with the two mixed cultures at the same time….I don’t want to tip it off, but it’s f—ing cool.”

The actor-director closed out the 2019 Cannes Film Fest with a red carpet screening of Rambo: First Blood and a premiere of “Last Blood’s” trailer.

Reviving Rambo

You can totally end the story with him going home, going down the driveway, which is completion. But a character like that–does he ever really go home?

I jotted down on a Post-It: “He came home, but he never arrived.” And then I went, ‘there’s a movie here. The warrior can never find peace. He just can’t.'”