Quantum of Solace: Huge Opening in the U.K.

The 22nd Bond picture “Quantum of Solace” got off to a starong start In the U.K. Friday, taking $8 million (£4.94 million) on its first day. The success was helped by advance ticket sales, making “Solace” the biggest Friday opening of all time in the U.K.

Previous Friday best was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” which made $6.5 million (£4 million). “Casino Royale” did $4.7 million on its opening Friday but, unlike “Solace,” it had Thursday previews.

Sony has launched a massive promo campaign for Daniel Craig topliner “Solace” in the U.K. The film received media attention all week with the starry Wednesday Royal World Premiere attended by Prince Harry and Prince William garnering page one coverage in the nationals.

As of Thursday, booker’s pre-release opening Friday-Monday expectations were $21 million (£13 million). Given the opening day numbers, “Solace” may well end up bettering those upbeat forecasts. Largely mixed reviews do not seem to have dissuaded Bond fans from rushing to their local hardtop on opening weekend.

The Bond movie opens Stateside November 14, 2008.