Prisoner’s Daughter: Brian Cox Blasts Method Acting as “American Sh**”

Brian Cox Blasts Method Acting as “American Sh**”

“You just let it come through you. And you don’t get in the f***ing way,” Cox told a post-screening Q&A for ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ at the Toronto Film Festival.

Brian Cox seems to have left behind Successions reigning media-empire patriarch behind on the set of HBO’s Emmy-winning TV drama.

The gruff Scottish performer blasted Method acting during a post-screening Q&A at the Toronto Fest for his new movie, Prisoner’s Daughter.

“I don’t hold a lot of the American shit, having to have a religious experience every time you play a part. It’s crap,” Cox said of totally immersing himself in a movie or TV series performance to the point of obsession.

“I don’t hang onto the characters I play. I let them go through me. The thing is to be ready to accept, as an actor. You stand there, you’re ready to accept whatever is thrown at you,” he added.

“Max was a great role, no question. He was always on retreat, as a father. Logan is a different character altogether. He’s not on retreat. Except, deep down, he is. But his reactions come on the front foot, because of his background,” Cox added as he insisted different dynamics for characters in Succession and Prisoner’s Daughter call for different acting styles on set.

“So you allow people to come through you. We’re British. We come from a ‘great tradition,’” he insisted with a mocking tone.

“The Commonwealth, baby,” Beckinsale added cheeringly to the Canadian audience.

“You just let it come through you. And you don’t get in the fucking way,” Cox continued, now on a roll as the Toronto festival audience reacted with another round of applause.