Presenting Lily Mars (1943): Norman Taurog’s Musical Biopic, Starring Judy Garland and Van Heflin

Booth Tarkington’s novel served as the source material for the black-and white musical, Presenting Lily Mars, directed by Norman Taurog, and starring Judy Garland.
Garland plays the title character, a small-town girl with big-city ambitions. Like many of her kind, she heads to Broadway hoping for overnight stardom, but after a series of rejections and disappointments, she manage to become an understudy.
Following the conventions of many backstage musicals (lie Forty-Second Street), the star walks out on opening night, and Lily goes on in her place and renders a sensational performance.
Van Heflin plays a young producer who falls in love with Lily, but is hesitant for giving her an immediate break, fearing accusations of favoritism.
Judy Garland sings a lot, and whenever she does the picture soars.  Other musical acts include the orchestras of Bob Crosby and Tommy Dorsey.
Running time: 105 Minutes
MGM Release: