Plunder of the Sun (1953): John Farrow’s Adeventure Film Noir Based on Dodge’s 1949 Novel, Starring Glenn Ford

From the Archives:

David F. Dodge’s 1949 novel, Plunder of the Sun, is about a hunt for ancient Peruvian treasure. It was adapted into the November 8, 1949 episode of the radio series Escape.

In 1953, it was made into a film noir of the same name, directed by John Farrow and starring Glenn Ford, with the location changed to Mexico.

Adventurer Al Colby is persuaded by Anna Luz and antiquities collector husband Thomas Berrien to help them smuggle parcel back into Mexico.

Warned that a man named Jefferson traveling on the same freighter might try to steal it, Colby forms a partnership with Jefferson after the fatal heart attack of Berrien aboard ship.

Jefferson betrays and shoots him, but Colby saves himself and the rare documents in time. They decide to return them to a museum, while he and Anna enjoy the $25,000 reward.

Glenn Ford as Al Colby
Diana Lynn as Julie Barnes
Patricia Medina as Anna Luz
Francis L. Sullivan as Thomas Berrien
Sean McClory as Jefferson
Eduardo Noriega as Raul Cornejo
Julio Villarreal as Ulbaldo Navarro
Charles Rooner as Captain Bergman
Douglass Dumbrille as Consul