Pinocchio: Disney’s Seminal Animation

For the celebration of the Anniversary of Disney’s landmark cartoon Pinnochio, the studio is putting out for the first time an edition of 2-Disc Blu-ray Hi-Def.

The movie is based on Carlo Collodi’s fantasy for children, published in Italy in 1883 and in an English translation in 1892.   As you all know, it tells the story of a wooden puppet that comes to life and assumes the characteristics of a human boy.  The maturation process has its rewards and costs–Pinocchio’s nose grows longer every time he tells a lie.

Disney’s cartoon film, based on Collodi’s story, was released in 1940 and brought the character to a wider audience. Among other things, Pinnochio is the film that taught the world to “Wish Upon a Star.”  And having just watched the Platinum Edition, I can testify that it shines brighter than ever. Pinocchio is brilliantly restored with enhanced picture and sound unlike anything you’ve seen before. This classic story of magic, adventure and loyalty, which will be available for a limited time only, comes loaded with bonus features about all minds of aspects of Pinnochio’s magical world.

The special 2-Disc Blu-ray release includes a bonus standard definition DVD of the classic animated film in the same package, allowing viewers the opportunity to enjoy Pinocchio on a standard def DVD, while they may be preparing to upgrade to a 1080p Hi-Def Blu-ray experience in the near future.  It also provides viewers accessibility to Disney’s popular BD-Live Network, a backstage pass for Blu-ray Disc owners to chat, video stream, participate in communal games and download exclusive content unavailable to general DVD owners.

Walt Disney’s second animated feature Pinocchio debuted 70 years ago with vibrant hand drawn animation, and admired music, including the Oscar-winning original song, “When You Wish upon a Star,” with music by Leigh Harline and lyrics by Ned Washington. The movie also won the Original Score Oscar for Harline, Paul J. Smith, and Washington.

The feature’s touching story made it an instant classic, introducing audiences to the magical favorites of Pinocchio, Geppetto the puppet maker and the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio also marks the screen debut of a character who became one of Disney’ signatures: the fast-talking, wisecracking Jiminy Cricket.

The legendary masterpiece has been revitalized with an all-new digital restoration and now, for the first time ever, the amazingly detailed animation, the timeless music. The new dazzling bonus features will transport you into Pinocchio’s fantastic world.  You’ll join Gepetto’s beloved puppet, with Jiminy Cricket as his guide, on a thrilling quest that tests Pinocchio’s bravery, loyalty and honesty, virtues he must learn to become a real boy.