Peppermint Soda (Diabolo Menthe) (1977): Diane Kurys’ Personal Film

The heroine of Diane Kurys’ personal dramedy, Peppermint Soda, which is set in Paris in 1963, is a teenager named Anne.

Anne lives in Paris with her mother and her older sister, Frédérique. School is about to begin as they’re just back from summer at the beach with their father.

For Frederique, like other adolescents, it’s a crucial year. It’s the year of her first serious love, her first foray into politics (the Algerian question and “ban the bomb”), her first kiss from an older man, her first friend who runs away, and her first loss of friendship over values.

For Anne, who watches her sister closely, it’s a year of her first period and of learning to talk to boys, dealing with unfair teachers, and sorting things out with mom after getting in trouble.


Written by Diane Kurys and Alain Le Henry

Directed by Diane Kurys


Eléonore Klarwein, Odile Michel, Anouck Ferjac.

The film will be distributed in the US by Cohen Media Group