Passage to Marseille: Michael Curtiz Follow-Up to Casablanca, Starring Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart reunites with director Michael Curtiz and other key Casablanca personnel (including co-stars Claude Rains, Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet).
Bogart plays Jean Matrac, a World War II French patriot who escapes Devils Island, survives a dangerous freighter voyage and becomes a gunner in the Free French Air Corps.

The film sailed into theaters on stormy seas. Controversy surrounded the scene in which Matrac machine-guns the helpless survivors of a downed plane that attacked the freighter. That a soldier of freedom would act ignobly brought protests from religious and censorship groups.

DVD Special Features:

Warner Night at the Movies 1944 short subjects gallery:
o Vintage newsreel
o Oscar-winning patriotic short I Wont Play and Oscar nominee Jammin the Blues
o Classic cartoon The Weakly Reporter
o Trailers of Passage to Marseille and 1944s Uncertain Glory
New featurette The Free French: Forgotten Unsung Victors
Breakdowns of 1944: Studio Blooper Reel
Subtitles: English, Franais & Espaol (feature film only)