Paris 05:59: Tale of First Love at Gay Sex Club

Winner of the Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Fest, the Silver Q-Hugo award at the Chicago Film Fest, and numerous other film fest awards, Paris 05:59 is the compelling story of two Frenchmen who fall in love at first sight in an unusual locale–sex club.


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The movie hails from French directors Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, who have collaborated on other award winners, including The Adventures of Felix.

It’s after midnight in a Paris gay sex club, when Théo and Hugo exchange a look in the crowded room, showing an electric connection. They make their way together right away and have passionate sex

Afterwards, they leave the club and explore the streets of Paris, drunk with the possibilities of love at first sight, as well as sobered by the risks of their passion. Paris 05:59 enjoyed a limited, critically acclaimed theatrical release in the US.

The DVD and Blu-ray will include the bonus short film, “Glory Hole,” which tells the true story of Jeff and Cosgrove, a gay couple of 22 years, who met in an adult book store.