Paranoia: Luketic’s Year’s Worst Reviewed Film

Paranoia, indifferently or rather ineptly directed by Robert Luketic, may be the worst reviewed film of the year. According to Rotten Tomatoes, of the 52 posted reviews, only one (or 2 percent of all notices) was favorable.

Even the Adam Sandler’s sequel, “Grown-Ups 2,” got better (slightly) reviews: 94 percent negative versus 6 percent positive. But, there is a huge difference: Adam Sandler’s pictures seem to be criticism-free: Most of his vehicles have grossed north of $100 million domestically. He has a loyal fan base.

Luketic works steadily, but he has largely made bad pictures, panned by most critics and generating moderate (at best) coin at the box-office: “21” “Killers”,” “The Ugly Truth” are all awful movies. “Killers,” starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, received 89 percent negative reviews, and grossed only $47 million stateside.

Too bad that a talented cast of actors, including Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, are all wasted in the schlocky flick “Paranoia,” which, as a thriller, lacks any tension or suspense.

I am quite sure that it would be a flop at the box-office, unless the studio can mobilize young girls into seeing the movie, in which the handsome Liam Hemsworth is shirtless, often for no apparent reason other than to show his appealing muscled chest.