Pajama Party (1964): Fourth in The Popular AIP Series

The fourth in a series of seven beach films produced by American International Pictures (AIP), Pajama Party stars Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello.

Pajama Party
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A young intelligence officer from the planet Mars, Go-Go (Tommy Kirk), is ordered to Earth to prepare for a Martian invasion, encountering all kinds of problems. When the power-pack on his back malfunctions, he is suspended feet above ground. However, he is saved by the first Earthling, Aunt Wendy (Elsa Lanchester), an eccentric widow. Her shady neighbor, J. Sinister Hulk (Jesse White), Chief Rotten Eagle (Buster Keaton) and his Swedish sex-bomb partner Helga (Bobbi Shaw) then concoct scheme to separate Aunt Wendy from her million-dollar inheritance.

The other films in this series are Beach Party (1963), Muscle Beach Party (1964), Bikini Beach (1964), Beach Blanket Bingo (1965), How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965), and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966).

While it is not a proper sequel, it is a part of what is termed AIP’s ‘Beach Party series.’ Moreover, AIP marketed it as a sequel in its trailer, stating “The Bikini Beach Party Gang is Warming Up! – For the ‘Party’ that Takes Off – Where others Poop Out!” and “All the ‘Beach Party’ Fun … in Pajamas!”

Eric von Zipper and his Rat Pack (who previously appeared in Beach Party and Bikini Beach) return, as well as Candy Johnson for the fourth time in as many films.

Regulars Frankie Avalon, Don Rickles, Annette Funicello, Jody McCrea and Donna Loren all appear, albeit with character name changes.

Susan Hart makes the first of three appearances in the AIP brand of the genre; Buster Keaton makes the first of four appearances, and Bobbi Shaw makes the first appearance of five.

Several background players–Patti Chandler, Mary Hughes, Johnny Fain, Mike Nader, Salli Sachse, Luree Holmes, Ronnie Dayton, Ed Garner, Ray Atkinson, Linda Benson, and Laura Nicholson–also appear in three or more films in the AIP sub-genre.


Directed by Don Weis
Produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff, James H. Nicholson
Written by Louis M. Heyward
Music by Score: Les Baxter
Songs: Jerry Styner, Guy Hemric
Cinematography Floyd Crosby
Edited by Eve Newman
Distributed by American International Pictures

Release date: November 11, 1964

Running time: 82 minutes
Budget $200,000


The film is not to be confused with the 1963 novel Pajama Party about lesbianism among college girls, banned on grounds of obscenity.