Over the Edge: Matt Dillon Debut

Over the Edge, directed by Jonathan Kaplan, centers on alienated and frustrated rebellious teenagers living in a bland suburban community.

Over the Edge struck a nerve with young 1970s moviegoers as Rebel Without a Cause did with their 1950s forebears.

There is very little opportunity for the teens to grow “out” of the community and live elsewhere. Consequently, the kids rebel by drinking, dealing in drugs, and getting involved in violence.

The kids channel their anxieties by directing their frustrations at the officers of the law

Matt Dillon made his screen debut in Over the Edge, distinguishing himself in an ensemble cast that also includes Vincent Spano, Andy Romano, Ellen Geer, and Harry Northrup.

The screenplay was written by Charles Haas and Tim Hunter.

The soundtrack songs feature the Ramones.


MPAA Rating: PG.

Running time: 95 Minutes.

Jonathan Kaplan

 Tim Hunter and Charles S. Haas.