Oscars 2022: Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock in Shock Moment After Jada Pinkett Smith Joke

Will Smith Slaps Presenter Chris Rock on Oscars Stage in Shock Moment After Jada Pinkett Smith Joke

“Keep my wife’s name out of your f–king mouth,” Smith said during a confrontation that was censored in the U.S.


Yes, that really just happened.

What’s unclear is whether it was planned, improvised, a joke, or dead serious.

Will Smith appeared to slap presenter Chris Rock on stage at the 2022 Oscars after the comedian made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

The confrontation began with Rock making a joke about Pinkett Smith getting ready for the sequel to G.I. Jane — an apparent reference to the actress having shaved her head.

That’s when Smith stood up, strode on stage and looked like he smacked a stunned Rock in the mouth.


“Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth,” Smith said in a moment that was censored in the US but aired elsewhere.

“Wow, wow, Will Smith just smacked the shit out of me,” Rock said.

During the commercial break, Smith was pulled aside and comforted by Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry, who motion for him to brush it off. Smith appeared to wipe tears from his eyes as he sat back down with Pinkett-Smith. 

Pinkett Smith said last year that she shaved her head due struggling with alopecia. “Now at this point, I can only laugh,” she wrote on Instagram. “As y’all know I’ve been struggling with alopecia. Just all of a sudden, one day … it just showed up like that. Now, this is going to be a little bit more difficult for me to hide. So, I thought I’d just share it so y’all not asking any questions …. Mama’s gonna have to take it down to the scalp so nobody thinks she got brain surgery or something. Me and this alopecia are going to be friends … period.”