Oscar Politics: Colman, Olivia–How Co-Stars Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz Plotted….

Olivia Colman says her The Favourite co-stars Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz secretly declined being nominated for a Best Actress Oscar because they felt she deserved the trophy.

Olivia Colman holding a sign posing for the camera© Bang Showbiz Olivia Colman

The three actresses starred together in the 2018 drama, and although they were all leading ladies, only Olivia received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress – which she won for her role as Queen Anne – whilst both Emma and Rachel, who played Abigail Masham and Lady Sarah Churchill respectively, were put up for Best Supporting Actress.

And now, Olivia has revealed her co-stars – who both lost out in the Best Supporting Actress category – actively chose not to put themselves forward for a Best Actress nomination, because they believed Olivia deserved the gong the most.

She told Total Film magazine: “What I didn’t realize for the Oscars was that you are meant to say what category you want to go up for. I went: ‘No, that’s rude. I’m not doing that.’

“And also because I felt that we were all three equal people – Emma, me and Rachel were three equals. I said: ‘If they can’t change it so that we can all be equals, then I don’t want to do it, because it’s not right.’