Oscar Movies: Lavendar Hill Mob, The (1952)

Charles Crichton’s “The Lavender Hill Mob,” a sharply observed, quite hilarious crime comedy, made Oscar-nominated Alec Guinness a star in the United States, and won the Best Story and Screenplay for T.E..B. Clarke. 


Guinness plays a meek transporter, who after 20 years of service, decides to steal one million pounds.To achieve his goal, he enlists Pendlebury (played by Stanley Holloway), a friend who’s a paper manufacturer and a sculptor too.


The film boasts some of the best comic actor in England, including Sidney Tafler, Peter Bull, and John Gregson.


Guinness lost the Oscar to Gary Cooper (“High Noon”).



Lavendar Hill Mob represented the best achievement of the famous Ealing Studios.