Oscar Movies: Endless Love (1981)

Based on Scott Spencer’s novel, “Endless Love” is the chronicle of the obsessive passion  and doomed romance between  two teenagers: David (Martin Hewitt) who’s 17 and Jade (Brooke Shields), who is 15.

Adapted to the screen by Judith Rascow, “Endless Love” is directed by Italian Franco Zeffirelli, who had scored better with “Romeo and Juliet.”

Banished from Jade’s home by her rigid father Hugh (Don Murray), David schemes a plan, which involves setting Jade’s house on fire.

Jailed for arson, David heads to Jade when he’s released from prison, to some tragic results.

The supportint ensemnle includes such pros as Shirley Knight, as the girl’s mother Anne, Beatrice Straight and Richard Kiley as the boys’ folks.

Brooke Shields was very popular at the time as an actress and youth icon, which elevated the film, not to mention the Oscar-nominated tune by Lionel Richie, which was a hit.

“Endless Love” festures the screen of Tom Cuise, who would become a mjaor star in the 1980s and 1990s. James Spader plays a small supporting role.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Original Song: Endless Love, music and Lyrics by Lionel Richie

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The Song Oscar winner was “Arthur’s Theme” (“Best That You Can Do”) from the comedy “Arthur.”

Running time: 115 Minutes