Oscar Movies: Dive Bomber (1941)

Produced with the assistance of the Navy, Warner made “Dive Bomber” as a propaganda piece as well as star vehicle for Errol Flynn.



Dealing with aviation medicine, the film told a story of the medical men practicing in the field and the pilots who were their patients and guinea pigs.


Handsomer Errol Flynn looks dashing as a young Naval surgeon who decided to devote himself to aviation medicine after an injured pilot died on his operating table during surgery.




The film itself was physically handsome, containing many impressively shot and engrossing sequences, in the air and in the laboratory.




The film was proficiently directed by the prolific and versatile Michael Curtiz (“Casablanca,” “Mildred Pierce”), who had previously made several of Errol Flynn’s thrilling swashbucklers.




Obviously, the Navy (and the public) was pleased with this salute to a group of dedicated men charting new paths in medical knowledge.




Oscar Nominations: 1


Color Cinematography: Bert Glennon




Oscar Awards: None




Oscar Context










Errol Flynn


Fred MacMurray


Ralph Bellamy


Alexis Smith


Robert Armstorng


Regis Toomey


Allen Jenkins


Craig Stevens


Herbert Anderson


Moroni Olsen


Dennie Moore


Louis Jean Heydt


Cliff Nazarro








Released: August 29, 1941


Produced by Warner


Directed by Michael Curtiz.


Screenplay by Frank Wead and Robert; Buckner, from a story by Frank Wead.