Logan: First Superhero Picture to Earn Writing Oscar Nomination

Logan has become the first superhero movie to land an adapted screenplay Oscar nomination, credited to Scott Frank, director James Mangold and Michael Green.

In 2004, The Incredibles scored an original screenplay nomination for Brad Bird.

The movie served as a swan song for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, the character he’d played through 9 films over 17 years, as well as for Patrick Stewart’s Prof. X.

Good ending: Logan is the most successful of the Wolverine solo films, earning critics approval, as well as $616.7 million at the global box office.

James Mangold; First Time Nominee

Mangold was shocked when his name was called: “I didn’t really imagine we were going to get a nomination, given several things,” Mangold said. “One was that we premiered a year ago. And then you add to that the mix that we are a comic book adaptation, and it dawns on you what a thrill it is to get nominated and to be among the incredible nominees.”

Mangold has directed on Oscar films before, such as the 2005 Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, for which Reese Witherspoon earned Best Actress Oscar Award, but this is the first time he has personally been nominated.

“I feel so happy. In a way, it’s easier to process when it’s your compatriots” he said. “I’m still a little dazed how to process it now. And as the day is going on and my coffee is waking me up, it’s kind of sinking in.”

In contrast, Wonder Woman, the highly acclaimed and popular superhero movie was shut out of the Oscars.