Obvious Child (2014): Gillian Robespierre’s Serio-Comedy, Starring Jenny Slate in Breakthrough Performance (Sundance)

Director Gillian Robespierre and comedienne Jenny Slate (better known for her TV work in “Saturday Night Live”) are talents to watch.

Their serio comedy, Obvious Child, an original and funny indie, was warmly received at the 2014 Sundance Film Fest, where it played in the Next section.

Based on Robespierre’s short film of the same title, Obvious Child revolves aound the adventures of a Brooklyn actress, about 20, who accidentally gets pregnant and needs to decide quickly whether to get an abortion.

The film offers an unusually honest (and therefore controversial, in some circles) look at its immature heroine, who has no intention of bringing into the world the product of one-night stand.

Embarking on a journey, Donna finds along the way the meaning of courage and bravery on stage (as a performer) and off stage (as an ordinary woman).

Throghout writer-director Robespierre succeeds in finding humor and humanity in the most awkward–and least expected–social interactions.

A24 grabbed distribution rights at Sundance, turning the film–essentially a variant of romantic comedy–into one of the most commercially accessible indies with an impressive gross of over $3 million.

Obvious Child was listed as “Best Discovery”on iTunes Best of the Year.

Slate gives a breakout performance in a tough and demanding role.

Running time: 83 Minutes