Notorious: Ingrid Bergman on Hitchcock’s Classic Masterpiece, Co-Starring Cary Grant

Ingrid Bergman discussed Hitchcock’s 1946 masterpiece, Notorious, at a special screening of a new restored version in the Museum of Modern Art in 1980.

The three-time Oscar winning actress considers one of the film’s best-known single shots, in which the camera moves from the chandelier in a ballroom full of guests to a key that Bergman’s character, Alicia, holds in her clenched fist, to be one of Hitchcock’s most astonishing technical feats.

As for her long kissing scene with co-star Cary Grant, Hitchcock employed a sneaky method of getting around the censorship at the time, as dictated by the Production Code.

According to the strict and restrictive rules, a kiss could last only three seconds on the screen, but Hitchcock directed his actors to stay intertwined but, every three seconds, come up for air.

The couple’s extended embraced, accompanied by low-voiced whispering, is the longest kiss in film history.